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    Within the pages of this website, you will find Fine Art prints of ink drawings, pencil drawings and oil paintings created by Suz.


    The subject matter will be at once familiar, yet strange; full of faery folk, mischief and magic. Herein lies a sense of dark enchantment at times, and joy, mirth and celebration at others. From an imagination, both adult and childlike, figures from myths, legends, folklore and the hidden realms abound.

    From the playful to the mystic, I hope you enjoy the journey...



    Tattooed Girl

    Tattooed Girl

    Tattooed Girl reproduced from a photograph by Allan Rye Andersen and shown with his kind permission www.ryefoto.dk

    All the prints on this website are giclee prints of original artwork by Suz.

    If you wish to purchase a framed or an unframed print, please contact me via facebook or email below. 



    The inspiration behind my art comes from a childhood and a lifetime of interest in the unconventional, the ethereal and the bizarre.



    I remember as a child being utterly delighted by tales of other worlds. From the chivalry and nobility of the Arthurian legend to the dark tales of Grimm, I found these worlds so much more intriguing than reality... and I still do. 


    I pored over "Rip Van Winkle" for hours, revelling in Arthur Rackhams' illustrations of the beautifully grotesque world of the Faerie Folk. Rackham tapped straight into both my childhood nightmares of dark, twisted trees, gnarled faces and fingers of goblins and the innocent dreams of the delicately ethereal faerie. 


    Aubrey Beardsley showed me the power of a simple line and like a voyeur I was able to peek into his erotic and clandestine world. He created nuance with a gesture, power in the contrast of black and white, texture and pattern in his method and beauty and style in the steadfast and easy confidence of his swoops and curves.


    I loved the visual feast of the art produced by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood with its rich and sumptuous colours and romance. I admired the detail and movement captured in "Ophelia" by Millais, Waterhouse's "The Lady of Shalott", "Circe Individiosa" and "Boreas". The tragedy and beauty of these women are perfectly captured in a moment long-forgotten to a lost time.


    I adored all things Art Nouveau, and Alfons Mucha's  work typifies the movement with its highly stylised figures of exquisitely graceful women. I try to find these lines in my own work. 


    I read and re-read, Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", CS Lewis' tales of Narnia and Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". Like Alice, I travelled through worlds of dark orcs, wicked queens and power-crazed wizards and fell in love with the Mad Hatter, mischievious wee folk and shining saviours who demonstrated the bravery and courage of the timeless tale of good conquering evil.


    My Mother and Grandmother always retained the child within and they imbued in me the same sense of wonderment when delving into mysterious worlds created by imaginative artists.The Knights of the Round Table was a recurring theme in my childhood and I even grew up in a house named "Camelot"! My mother was like a magpie and was drawn to all things that twinkled and shone. She shared this joy with me as I have shared it with my own children.


    I think it would be sad to lose my inner child as it allows me to always retain and delight in the magic of my imagination.


    I ran along the cliff tops in Blackgang, on the Isle of Wight and stopped only to write poetry, I danced in the wind and hung upside down off a railing in a thunder storm, I broke the rules and craved a free and wild life. I tried to become a white witch and wanted to run away with the Gypsy folk. I loved the fairground and fell in love with a boy on a motorbike. Still, to this day, I love the tales of Harry Potter and cried when the children grew up.


    I never intend to grow up.......




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